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shanklinstepsbeforePart of the Isle of Wight’s Red Squirrel Trail, a cycle route that runs through numerous towns, has been upgraded in Shanklin.

The steps next to Shanklin Train Station, which form part of the route which used to be called the Sunshine Trail, have been rebuilt using funds from the Local Sustainable Transport Scheme.

The steps have also been widened, new railings installed, a new lower retaining wall built and channels installed on each side which enable cyclists using the steps to easily wheel their bicycles up or down without having to carry them.

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shanklinstepsafterOther improvements include the gradient of the steps being reduced, a new central handrail installed and new signs erected to replace out of date signage.

Councillor Luisa Hillard, Executive member for sustainability, environment and public realm, said:

“The Red Squirrel Trail is a very popular cycle route but part of it involved negotiating what were quite steep steps outside the train station.

“They were also narrow, had no central handrail and made it difficult to carry bicycles up or down.

“These works are a huge improvement as can be seen in before and after pictures and will make a big difference to not only cyclists, but also everyday use by pedestrians allowing for two way passage which was not always feasible using the existing steps.”

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The works were designed and undertaken by Island Roads on behalf of the council during March 2015 and are now open as normal.

Photographs: Isle of Wight Council/Island Roads

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