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andrewturner400A new initiative by Royal Mail, drastically changing collection times at selected post boxes, will cause disruption for many Island residents and businesses according to Island MP, Andrew Turner.

The new times for ‘Collection on Delivery’ post boxes (i.e. 09:00 on Monday-Friday and 07:00 on Saturday) are in stark contrast to the current 16:00 or later collection times. The rural nature of the Island means that these changes could cause real problems for many local companies and Islanders. The changes will effectively nullify a first-class stamp for a letter put in the post box any time after 09:00 on weekdays or 07:00. on Saturday.

Royal Mail began making changes in September 2014.  They were required to fix a notice to all boxes selected for ‘Collection on Delivery’ at least four weeks before the planned changes.  It is said that 45,000 to 50,000 low-use boxes will move to ‘collection on delivery’, with the postman or postwoman emptying the boxes on their delivery rounds.  Royal Mail have stated that no post boxes will be removed from service as a result of this initiative.

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Mr Turner said:

“Seemingly there was little effort made by the Royal Mail to raise awareness of the changes.  Yet many people and local businesses will be seriously affected and it will cause some, particularly those in rural communities, problems when sending their mail.  I have written to Royal Mail Headquarters to see if anything can be done about these changes and I will be interested to find out what reasons they are giving for changing the collection times so radically, and also for not doing very much to let their customers know about them.”

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