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eclipse85Islanders are set to look to the skies on Friday for the first significant solar eclipse in Britain since 1999 and the last until 2026.

A near-total solar eclipse will occur across Britain from about 08:30 on Friday, with the height of the eclipse being seen from the Isle of Wight at around 09:30. Down south roughly 84% of the sun will be eclipsed by the moon.

Motorists are being advised to take extra care whilst on the roads with a sudden darkness set to occur, which could lead to road traffic collisions.

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It’s not just safety on the roads that has to be taken into account – looking directly at the sun is also dangerous.

A spokeswoman for The Royal College of Ophthalmologists said:

“The general public must remember that they should not look directly at the Sun or at a solar eclipse, either with the naked eye, even if dark filters such as sunglasses or photographic negatives are used, nor through optical equipment such as cameras, binoculars or telescopes.

“There is no safe system to directly view an eclipse.

“Particular care should be taken with children. Children should not be allowed to look directly at the Sun at any time.”

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As the sun is eclipsed by the moon, a sudden temperature drop will be felt.

The next solar eclipse of similar magnitude won’t take place until August 2026 and the next total eclipse is set to occur in 2090 – 75 years from now.

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