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conservativeschairmanwardMembers of the Island Conservative Association turned out in force on Saturday for their Annual General Meeting and unanimously voted in a new Chairman, Councillor Ian Ward, a retired Army Officer.

The meeting held at the Newport Parish Rooms, Town Lane was attended by over 80 members of the Association and saw a completely new set of officers elected as follows:

Keith Gordon – President
Cllr Ian Ward – Chairman
Alison Child – Vice Chairman
George Cameron – Deputy Chairman Political.
Joe Robertson – Deputy Chairman Fund Raising and Membership.

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Speaking after the vote, Cllr Ward said:

“With the general election just a few weeks away, Island Conservatives have come together to unite behind Andrew Turner as our candidate. Our new team of officers will have to hit the ground running to drive forward the campaign with real momentum, but we are ready to do just that.”

Welcoming the new officers, Island MP Andrew Turner says:

“New officers will bring new vigour to our campaign. I’m grateful to all those who have stepped up to the mark and volunteered to serve in this way. The new team will have my full and active support not just up until the general election, but afterwards as well. We want to make the Association much more inclusive and active, engaging not just existing members, but reaching out to new ones, too.”

The new chairman set the Association an additional challenge. Cllr Ward said:

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“We must reach out to younger people, the next generation of voters. It is their futures that are at stake and we want them to play an active role in shaping the politics of our nation.”

Photographed L-R: Alison Child, Island MP Andrew Turner; Cllr Ian Ward and Joe Robertson

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