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iainmckieIain McKie, the UKIP Parliamentary Candidate for the Isle of Wight, has confirmed he will defend free bus passes for the over-65s.

McKie, the main rival to Andrew Turner at the upcoming general election on 7th May, has spoken out amidst mounting fears that the free bus pass could be under threat.

Iain has said:

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 “I am delighted to confirm that UKIP are resolute on this: under no circumstances will pensioners lose their entitlement to a concessionary bus pass under a UKIP government.

“It is an issue which will resonate strongly with the Island’s many retired residents, who have come to accept their free bus passes as an entitlement after decades of contribution to society.

“The issue of the free bus pass is one that I’m hearing time and time again in public meetings. It’s an issue which is central to the quality of life of many thousands of Islanders.”

Voters have grown increasingly concerned that following the 2015 general election, local authorities may be considering ridding themselves of what some perceive as a costly financial burden.

With the Isle of Wight’s free bus passes under the microscope, McKie has argued against any action which would harm the interests of the island’s more seasoned residents, adding:

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“I give my word as a gentleman; if I am returned as MP for the island, whether or not UKIP are part of the next government, I will fight tooth and nail for the preservation of the free bus pass for pensioners.”

You can find out more about Iain McKie’s campaign by seeing his website or following his Twitter account at @iainmckie_UKIP.

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