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hovertravelextracrossingHovertravel has produced five different versions of their Summer 2015 timetable as part of the commemorative 50th anniversary celebrations.

Each one of the five versions of the timetable will feature a different vintage photograph from Hovertravel’s history.

Lorretta Lale, Hovertravel’s Commercial and Marketing Manager, said:

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“Summer at Hovertravel means later and more frequent crossings and, of course, warmer weather.  And this year, we’ve got something extra to celebrate – our 50th anniversary, which means extra offers for our customers and special events held throughout the summer months.

“We’ve launched a limited edition summer timetable that we hope our customers will pick up and keep as a collectors’ item.”

From 1st April, Hovertravel will operate every thirty minutes between 09:00 and 16:00 with the exception of the lunchtime service which will remain hourly unless there is sufficient demand for extra services on the day. In the later summer, for the school holidays, (between 21st July and 1st September) Hovertravel will run every 30 minutes including during the lunchtime period.

There will also be crossings later in the evening – up until 22:00 to Southsea and 22:10 to Ryde.

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