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35.4c was recorded in Ryde today making the town the hottest place on the Isle of Wight – with Saturday 8th August 2020 possibly the hottest day on the Island ever.

A weather station near Westridge recorded the scorching temperature of 35.4c at around 15:15, with another station in Cowes almost matching that with a reading of 35.2c.

The village of Newchurch saw 34.3c, whilst Binstead saw 33.8c. It wasn’t just the north coast of the Island that recorded mediterranean-like temperatures though with 33.6c seen in Newport.

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IW Met Service say they believe today was the hottest day on record for the Isle of Wight, beating the previous local record of 34.8c in 2018.

The hot weather is here to stay until at least next Thursday, but forecasters say the true summer sunshine could be here to stay until late August and potentially into September.

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36.2 in my garden today

Opinions Matter

Oh crap. It’s nice to have the sunshine an’ all but this heat is just too much for me. Night time is just horrible. My dogs don’t dig it much either. What does everyone else think?

Dave david

Totally agree way to hot at night and no breeze. Wouldn’t mind if it cooled down at night. Not nice at all!

Nigel Tuck

Agreed. It is 10pm in the flat and I am still hot; we look out over Solent in Ryde and there is not a breath of wind. Nice to see people out and about and enjoying themselves, though.


Agree. Can’t find anywhere cool even outside. Don’t know how we’re going to sleep tonight and yes dog is not amused. Keeps being hosed down to cool off but she loves that luckily. Still we really shouldn’t complain!!


Spot on, we all like nice weather in the summer, but this heat is not pleasant, it’s 1am and 29 degrees in the house. Another hot few days yet to come! It appears this is steadily becoming the norm.

Islander too

Nice to have some summer but oh my god this is too much.

Even having all the windows open and fans going made no difference.

Gave the dog a cool shower at 11pm last night trying to cool her off.

Eve Shipman

I hate it! But isn’t it nice to be able to bitch about something that can’t be blamed on the council or Island Roads?


No sleep again even with fan going and Windows open! Horrible! Will have to go to work Monday half dead!


Unfor i cant function in any heat .iv got ms which does not go well at all with fluctuating flakeing at anything i do is standard .pain in arse for tall fan is v well used and my 2 indoor cats are just spread out flaked on carpet.poor loves.i feel for animals soo much especially those that ge t neglected ,not so much water n shelter as owners do there own thing. So have too say i hate when summer comes sad too say its hard work year on year.but is for all isnt it.stay cool everyone


Temp reached 38.2deg in Northwood

Horse face

Most unpleasant now, what the heck will it be like with over a thousand more homes, and thousands more bodies all wishing to go the the seaside at the same time in future Summers?
Roads will be congested, parking limited and expensive, those living near the sea will have other peoples cars parked in any and every street near the seaside.
This is the nice times, plenty more misery when PF is filled to capacity.

The Truth

Simple idea…. Move!

Horse face

I don’t think they will, I think more will come, and why not? House all paid for on a holiday island, plenty of easy pickings from naive Islanders not used to city crime; yet.   The end of a lovely era of family holidays, not just thousands of tiny houses and flats as breeding pens for those who care nothing for the Island, but can see an easy life, of little work, plenty of drugs, and nice but often too trusting residents, not as yet used to what such will bring here, not for a while, but then for the… Read more »



Teresa witham

You should be grateful that people come over on holiday to the island and spend their money there as it helps you’re economy, shops, restaraunts and pubs make their money in summer especially after lockdown.I’ve been coming every year for over 40 years and yes there’s change but it can’t be helped. Roads are congested but parking is in short supply and that’s not visitors faults. We put up with the expense of the ferry and rising price of accomodation then are made to feel unwelcome by people like you. Thank God not everyone is a moaner

Karn Evil 9

Welcome to the covid coast. Come and enjoy NO social distancing at our local pubs and food establishments, Spyglass and Star Inn, enjoy Sandown Yaverland free parking zone all along the seafront, where are the council parking attendants there????????

Jack Dee

So what !! Get over it.


What a load of whingers! Its summer, the sun shines in summer and it gets hot!

Invest in Aircon for the 2 or 3 days of heat we get in the UK – Or blame climate change – Moan about anything some people.

Last edited 1 month ago by Gungadin

You are a winger by definition, people are quite correct to state it is too hot, it is summer and these temperatures are well above average and it is not comfortable for both humans and most animals.
What you are doing is whinging about people expressing their opinion! Take a look at yourself.


Must be an English thing always talking about the weather, hotest day “EVER” ??

It was a lot hotter when the planets formed, the planets will always do it’s thing long after we have gone..



Bing Bong

Brilliant, the heat will kill the “virus”

jacqui adams

Yes it’s hot but how lovely. We will be moaning about floods, ice and gales soon. It’s what we do.

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