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David-GoodallResearch published by VoteSmart has shown that David Goodall of the Liberal Democrats has become the only left of centre candidate who can win in Isle of Wight.

With the election on the Isle of Wight being one of the closest fought in history, it has become crucial that voters unite behind a progressive candidate who can defeat the reactionary candidates from UKIP and the Conservative Party.

David Goodall is calling on the people of Isle of Wight to choose the Liberal Democrats when they cast their vote on Thursday if they want a progressive voice standing up for their community.

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Whilst on the doorstep, David Goodall says:

“This election is an opportunity to ensure that the people of Isle of Wight have an MP who fights those who have been hit the hardest in the past five years. If elected I will fight tooth and nail for those who elected me.”

By analysing data from all 650 constituencies across the United Kingdom VoteSmart has determined which progressive candidate has the potential to win each constituency. After extensive research VoteSmart has declared David Goodall as the best hope for Isle of Wight.

Tim Johnson, Secretary of VoteSmart, comments:

“Every voter wants to choose a strong local MP who shares their values, but they need to think about the national implications of their vote. Our research has shown that by voting for David Goodall the people of Isle of Wight will greatly improve the chances of a progressive Government being formed.”

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In conclusion, David Goodall states:

“I believe politics is not about the fight for power between parties; or gaining power for self-interest or claiming large expenses; it’s about helping people to have better, happier and more fulfilling lives”

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