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peterrolfearthurmoodydrivePeter Rolfe, the dad of 26 children labelled as a ‘feckless father’ by the national newspapers, has moved into his new 5-bedroom home in Newport.

Mr Rolfe has starred on television shows and has been at the center of abuse after saying his 3-bedroom home on Arthur Moody Drive, Gunville (pictured) was simply not big enough for his large family, which includes 7 children and 2 grandchildren.

It was decided by the Local Government Ombudsman that the benefit-claiming family should receive £1000 in compensation, however last week the Isle of Wight Council stuck by their decision to award £250.

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Now, the family are residing in Albany Road, Hunnyhill after Vectis Housing Association secured the larger property allowing the Rolfe’s to move in last week.

It is understood workman have been in and out of the house for weeks and have installed a brand new kitchen and other improvements.

The Rolfe’s now former home in Gunville has been cleared out.

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