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adverseweather2HM Coastguard are reminding the public of the dangers they might face on the coast during stormy weather, with their advice coming at a time when high winds are forecast for the Isle of Wight over the weekend.

Strong winds mean strong waves with the power to knock you off your feet and carry you out to sea – that is the message from the Coastguard this evening following storms in Scotland overnight.

Disruption is being experienced to Wightlink and Hovertravel cross-Solent services.

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Motorists are advised to take extra care whilst travelling across the Island – waves can contain debris like rocks and stones that can strike you and could cause damage to your vehicle.

Dangers are also present on the Island’s cliff tops. Heavy rainfall can make the ground slippery and cliff edges liable to collapse. Coastguards are warning Islanders to keep away from cliff edges and clear of the base in case of rock falls.

If in doubt, don’t go out.


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