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lugleystreetcarparknewportUPDATED: The Isle of Wight Council has today (Thursday) announced details of changes to its pay and display parking charges which sees an increase of up to 50p on parking your car in a short stay car park, while parking charges will now apply up to 20:00 at night.

In a decision set to anger many Island residents,  free parking at Appley in Ryde and Moa Place in Freshwater is to be scrapped alongside The Heights Leisure Centre in Sandown and at Medina Leisure Centre in Newport, and drivers will now be charged to park across the Island up to 20:00 every day, an increase of 2 hours from the existing 18:00 limit.

The new charges are part of the annual budget which councillors voted through at Full Council in February. The charges are likely to be implemented in late May/early June once the council has all of the necessary traffic regulation orders in place.

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Most of the changes to parking fees are in relation to short stay car parks, rising by between 30p or 40p for a variety of time periods, with the largest increase of 50p for short stays between 2-3 hours. Long stay car parks are largely unaffected other than a 10p rise for a 1-2 hour stay.

One of the largest changes is the introduction of a new maximum stay in a short stay car park, cutting down from 5 hours to just 3 hours, while the charge for a stay of up to 30 minutes in a long stay car park has been removed meaning the minimum charge will be for 1 hour.

Many charges for on-street parking will also rise by between 10p and 20p, with some remaining the same.

One Card holders paying annually or by direct debit will still be eligible for the existing two hours free parking at The Heights and Medina Leisure Center, however not those simply using the facilities on a ad-hoc basis.

A new residents parking permit will also be introduced as we approach Summer at a cost of £295 for a year. This will give residents two hours in a short stay car park or six hours free parking in any long stay car park. The permit can be extended to allow for 24 hours parking in any long stay car park for an additional cost of £125.

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UPDATE @ 10:20 – In just over half-an-hour many readers have commented on this morning’s announcement with utter shock and disbelief, with many raising concerns about the future of Appley in Ryde and the now near-guaranteed charge to visit the Doctors in Sandown.

At current, residents visiting the Sandown Medical Centre often have to park in The Heights car park adjacent due to a lack of car parking spaces belonging to the Doctor’s surgery however have been able to use the two free hours of parking. Now, under the proposed changes, those visiting the doctor are likely to pay between £1.30 and £2.40 per visit – a move which has shocked Island Echo readers.

Councillor Jon Gilbey, Cabinet member for highways, said:

“This is the first time some of our charges have risen for six years and is among many difficult decisions the council has had to make in relation to its budget for the next three years. Across the council we are faced with finding savings of £28 million and will not be able to meet our commitments to transportation activities, such as subsidising concessionary bus fares, without this increase in charges.

“We have endeavoured to ensure the new fees are as fair as we can make them in light of this financial position – and it is important to reiterate that for many fees there will not be any increase. It is also interesting to note, for comparison, that Portsmouth charges up to £1.60 for an hour’s stay, compared to £1.30 for an hour in one of our short stay car parks, and it is £10 for an all day stay in Portsmouth compared to £6.60 in one of our long stay car parks.”

The council will now advertise new traffic orders for parking tariffs which are required before any changes can be brought in.



Short stay up to 30mins   –   90p (increase from 60p)
Short stay 30 – 60mins   –   £1.30 (increase from £1)
Short stay 1 – 2 hours   –   £2.40 (increase from £2)
Short stay 2 – 3 hours   –   £3.40 (increase from £2.90)
Short stay 3 – 4 hours   –   No longer available
Short stay 4 – 5 hours   –   No longer available

Long stay up to 30mins   –   No longer available
Long stay 30 – 60mins   –   Unchanged (Will remain at £1)
Long stay 1 – 2 hours   –   £2 (increase from £1.90)
Long stay 2 – 4 hours   –    Unchanged (Will remain at £3.40)
Long stay 4 – 6 hours   –   Unchanged (Will remain at £4.50)
Long stay 6 – 24 hours   –   Unchanged (Will remain at £6.60)


Up to 30mins (short stay)   –   £1 (increase from 90p)
30 – 60mins (short stay)    –   £1.50 (increase from £1.30)
1 – 2 hours (short stay)    –   £2.50 (increase from £2.30)

Up to 30  mins (long stay)   –   70p (increase from 60p)
30 – 60min (long stay)   –   £1.10 (increase from £1)
1 – 2 hours (long stay)   –   £2.20 (increase from £1.90)
2 – 4 hours (long stay)   –   £3.50 (increase from £3.40)
4 – 6 hours (long stay)   –   Unchanged (Will remain at  £4.50)
6 – 24 hours (long stay)   –   Unchanged (Will remain at  £6.60)


Resident on street – Newport – £50 (increase from £45)
Resident on street – Esplanades – £50 (increase from £46.20)
Resident on street – Parade – £50 (increase from £46.20)
Residents’ zone permit – £45 (increase from £40)
Resident’s zone permit (motorcycle) – Unchanged (Will remain at £10)
Visitor permits (10 x one day permits) – Unchanged (Will remain at £5)

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