missinglightVandals have put lives in danger for the second time this month when a temporary traffic light was removed from roadworks in Ventnor last night (Friday).

As Island Echo reported earlier this month, a set of expensive mobile traffic lights were damaged when callous vandals smashed the light fittings on one set at Newport Road, Ventnor, meaning traffic was not being controlled which could have lead to a road traffic collision.

Just two weeks later and in the same location, vandals removed a temporary traffic light from the roadworks at the junction with Ocean View Road and dumped it at the bottom of Gill’s Cliff Road, again meaning that traffic was not being controlled overnight.

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lightstogetherFollowing the latest incident, the company who are responsible for the lights have removed them all together.

Unless the Highways department can find alternative traffic lights for the roadworks, a road closure is likely to be put in place cutting Upper Ventnor off from Wroxall, which would also lead to bus diversions.

Photographs courtesy of DTM

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