camphillAFTER 101 years of history and public service, Camphill site of HMP Isle of Wight will be empty of prisoners by the end of this week, it has been announced.

The prison is set to be fully decommissioned by April when the land will be handed back to Ministry of Justice.

Speaking today, Camphill Prison Officers Association (POA) Chair Mr. Knox said: “This closure represents a massive loss to the Island economy to the tune of £8 million which will have a knock on effect to everyone who lives hear.”

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Staff at HMP Isle of Wight are nearing the end of this stressful time when they have been treated appallingly by the Prison service. The POA are hopeful that everyone will know what is happening to them soon, but the deadlines have been extended and put back adding to the distress and upset.

The Island branches of the POA would like to extend its solidarity and support to every working person losing their job and the increasing numbers of unemployed who cannot find work on this Island due to no fault of their own.

The POA have set up a Government E-Petition online which will be running for a year and we would ask that everyone signs this and demonstrates the support from this community to protect against further closures.


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