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THE Island’s MP Andrew Turner has responded to residents who have contacted him about Thursday’s traffic chaos on the Island. 

Many Islanders are dismayed about the gridlock on many Island roads and the impact it has had.  The reported problems include extremely lengthy journey times; patients unable to reach St Mary’s hospital to keep appointments; people facing nightmare journeys to get to and from work and school days and important examinations disrupted.  Hundreds of festival-goers have had to sleep in their cars overnight with many complaining there is no information about what is happening.

Mr Turner said: “The problems have been very much worse than in previous years.  The weather has played a part– that is beyond the control of organisers.  However the ground was already wet and recent rain has been forecast for some time; expected traffic can also be forecast with some accuracy.  Despite all that it appears that inadequate contingency plans and preparations were in place.

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“Lessons must be learned.  Most people are not killjoys – they expect some inconvenience over the Festival weekend – but there must be a limit.  That limit has been reached.  The permitted Festival size was increased to 90,000 this year – that is too many and not all the tickets have been sold; if they had been the problems would be even worse.  The Council should review that decision in the light of the widespread disruption and problems.  They must also ensure more stringent and effective preparations and traffic plans are in place before the event can take place in future.

“The Isle of Wight Festival is good for the Island – but it must not be allowed to disrupt residents’ lives to the extent it did.”

UPDATED 16:00 MONDAY – In a radio interview today (Monday) John Giddings, when asked about Mr Turner’s comments, suggested that the Island’s MP should be ‘voted out’ and that ‘he has done nothing for the festival’. See Mr Turner’s reaction here.

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