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Traffic witnessed that Mr Turner refers to

FOLLOWING comments made by Festival organiser John Giddings on local radio this morning, the Island’s MP Andrew Turner has issued a statement. 

To the shock of many, the organiser of 11 festivals held at Seaclose Park, John Giddings, suggested that Mr Turner should be voted out from his current role as MP and that Mr Turner had not done anything to assist the Isle of Wight Festival.

Mr Turner told Island Echo today: “Mr Giddings is a successful entrepreneur who has made money from organizing the Isle of Wight music festival over the years.  I have written to him in the past, both congratulating him on putting on a successful event and offering my help if he should need it.

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“However, when things go wrong, as they clearly did last week, I don’t see why he should object to me pointing out the effect that the lack of a robust contingency plan had on many of my constituents.  Parts of the Island were completely gridlocked and as I said in a press release last week, lessons need to be learned so that similar problems will not happen in the future.  I understand Mr Giddings accepts that.

“Some festival goers were unhappy with the situation, but at least they had chosen to attend the Festival.  Many Islanders had no choice at all about getting caught up in the unacceptable traffic congestion and for some there were serious consequences, such as missing important examinations or even family funerals.  That is very sad and whatever Mr Giddings says now I trust that everything possible will be done to make sure that future events run more smoothly”.



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