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vanstmarysA blue Ford Fiesta and a van have collided on St Mary’s Roundabout in Newport this evening.

Emergency services are on the scene assisting the drivers and directing traffic. Delays are expected in the area.

It is understood that the van pulled out in front of the family hatchback and that both vehicles have suffered substantial damage.

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UPDATED @ 18:42 – St Mary’s Roundabout has now been cleared allowing traffic to resume flow.

UPDATED @ 19:00 – The driver , a 20-year-old male and a passenger of the Ford Fiesta have been assessed by ambulance crews after complaining of chest and neck pains, however have since been given the all clear. The driver of the van, a Spanish national, was uninjured in the incident.

Island Echo understands the work van pulled out from the B&Q exit of St Mary’s Roundabout into the path of the Fiesta travelling from Forest Road.


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