Isle of Wight Festival


HAMPSHIRE Constabulary are warning about the dangers of drink or drug driving over the Festival period, as up to 60,000 people descend on Newport.

Officers from Hampshire and the Isle of Wight Roads Policing Unit (RPU) will be at the event reminding motorists not to drive home if they are planning a weekend of excess.

Those intending to drive home after the festival should make alternative arrangements if they are planning a heavy session of drinking on their last night as they may still be over the limit the following morning, police said.

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Festival-goers will have the chance to see if they are fit to drive by taking a voluntary breathalyser test as they leave the venue and head to their cars.

Sergeant Paul Bailey from the RPU said: “Don’t let a great weekend end on a sour note. Be sure you’re sober before heading home. If you’re not sure, you should make alternative travel arrangements. Better that than a drink driving conviction, or worse.”

He added: “If you want to make sure you’re sober, a voluntary breathalyser test is available at the camp site police office for anyone who genuinely wants to drive but is unsure if their alcohol level has returned to zero.

“All you have to do is breathe into the kit and we’ll let you know whether or not you’re safe to get behind the wheel.

“You won’t get arrested if you’re over the limit, but you will be told not to drive. If you ignore our advice you will be arrested which will be a much bigger inconvenience to your travel plans.

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“Our aim is to keep everyone safe on the roads and not to spoil anyone’s fun.”

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