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airambulanceoakfieldThe Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance has landed at Oakfield Football Club this evening.

The assistance of the air ambulance was requested shortly after 18:00 to a medical emergency at a property in Harding Road, Oakfield – initial reports on the scene suggested the High Street.

The circumstances of the incident are unclear at the moment, however the HIOWAA is often used to medivac patients to hospitals on the mainland.

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Nearly an hour has passed since the bright-yellow air ambulance landed, however the patient remains in their property. It would appear that air doctors are awaiting on a land ambulance to transfer the patient to the awaiting helicopter.

In the past, the air ambulance has been requested due to low-levels of available land ambulances available on the Island. Although unclear, this may be the case on yet another Sunday.

Staggeringly, a land ambulance is 500 yards away from the scene parked at the side of the road, appearing to have just finished at the scene of another medical emergency. It is not known if this ambulance has a patient on board.

UPDATE @ 19:00 – The air ambulance has now taken off from the scene.

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