Isle of Wight Festival


MOTORISTS on the Isle of Wight are currently experiencing tailbacks of up to 3 miles as thousands descend on Newport for the Isle of Wight Festival.

Traffic is currently queuing back to Quarr Abbey, Binstead, some 3 miles from the car park for this weekend’s Festival. It has taken Island Echo 50 minutes to get from Ryde to Wootton.  

It is understood the problems are being caused by very muddy and soft ground entering the car park at Whippingham Road, near to the Racecourse, Newport.

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All Route 9 buses between Ryde and Newport are taking the Staplers route to reduce journey times.

In the next few minutes, Fairlee Road will become one-way until Monday afternoon with traffic exiting the town being diverted by Staplers Road and Whiterails Road to Wootton.

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