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woottonofstedAn Island primary school has been branded inadequate by Ofsted following a recent inspection. 

Wootton Community Primary School based at Church Road, Wootton was found to have a number of serious weaknesses, partially blamed on the school re-organisation under former Council-leader David Pugh’s reign.

The report highlighted that pupils do not make enough progress in writing and mathematics, that inadequate teaching in the past has been a major contributor to pupils’ underachievement and teaching still requires improvement because work is not always matched to pupils’ abilities, especially for more-able pupils.

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Many changes in staffing over recent years, during the schools re-organisation, have slowed the pace of improvement significantly and have reduced the impact of new initiatives.

Inspectors, who sat in on 14 lessons, found that the more settled staff and the senior leadership team are being guided well by the headteacher, and the impact is seen in improving teaching and achievement. In addition, children get off to a good start in the Early Years Foundation Stage because of good teaching.

Behaviour has been rated as good in lessons, with pupils enjoying school. Attendance is above average.

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