RETIRING Island coroner John Matthews is set to be replaced in July after nearly 20 years.

The Island’s new coroner will be Caroline Sumeray. Ms Sumeray currently works as an assistant deputy coroner for Outer London North, Inner London North and Cheshire jurisdictions. She also works as a barrister in the capital.

Forty three year old Caroline will be officially ‘sworn in’ as the new coroner for the Isle of Wight at a ceremony in the first week of July. As part of the ceremony, she will make the necessary declaration in front of the Isle of Wight High Sheriff.

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Looking forward to starting work on the Island, Caroline said; “I am thrilled and deeply honoured at the opportunity to take up the position of coroner for the Isle of Wight.

“I am very much looking forward to establishing a long and successful working relationship with everyone at the Coroner’s Court. I have had the benefit of much assistance from John Matthews, the retiring coroner, who has made me feel very welcome.”

John Matthews, who has been the Isle of Wight coroner for 18 years wished Caroline well. He said; ” I have been greatly privileged to have served the Isle of Wight community in the role of Her Majesty’s coroner since 1994. I pay tribute to my officers both past and present, my secretarial staff and my volunteers who have given me loyal and devoted service throughout that time.

“I am particularly pleased that the Island has a new coroner and express to my successor, Caroline Sumeray, all best wishes in her new position.”.

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