THE jackpot for the Island’s Lifeboat Lotto has raised to an incredible £4,400!

This week’s draw revealed the following winning numbers:

4 – 11 – 13 – 15

What is the Lifeboat Lotto?

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The three independent lifeboats which serve the waters around the Isle of Wight have joined together in a fundraising initiative to form Island Independent Lifeboats.  All monies raised by their Lotto will be split equally between these three services – Ryde Inshore Rescue, Sandowne & Shanklin Lifeboat and Freshwater Lifeboat.

Entry is only £2 a week, hardly the price of a pint, and there are no weekly entries to fill in, just pick  4 numbers between 1 and 31 and fill them on the application form.  You only need to do this once as your numbers are then registered in  the Lifeboat Lotto computer and are entered into each weekly draw for as long as you pay.

Paying is easy too, no hands in pockets or purses, payment is made by either cheque for £52 which covers 6 months entries or by monthly or quarterly Standing Order. No cash changes hands – Nothing could be easier.

Match 4 numbers and you will win the roll-over jackpot which starts at £500 and increases by £100 a week until a winner is found.  If no one matches the numbers drawn, a winner is guaranteed when the jackpot reaches £5000.  Match 3 numbers and win a £20 consolation prize.

Join the lotto now for your chance to win…Click here

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