RYDE Inshore Rescue are urging people to be more prepared before they go out to sea, after their third callout of the week to a boat which had no way of raising the alarm and no safety equipment on board.

The small Bayliner had broken down West of Ryde Pier with a young family on board and relied on their trusty smart phone to save the day. This incident mirrored another two at the weekend where the occupants of vessels required assistance, but could not give an accurate location due to a lack of safety equipment on board.

Nic White, Senior Coxswain of Ryde Inshore Rescue said: “People always enjoy going out to sea when the weather is good, but please take time to make sure you and your craft are fully prepared before you go.

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“The incidents we have attended this week have been to vessels with no lifejackets, no flares and no VHF radios, meaning that when they needed help it was hard for them to raise the alarm.

“The casualties we also all dressed in summer clothing, but when they remained out longer than planned they all suffered effects of the cold, showing the need to take out warm clothing for when the situation changes. We appreciate that these items all cost money but they WILL save your life and will enable rescue organisations to find you quicker if you have them on board.”



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