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zootiger400A special discount for unlimited year-round entrance to the Isle of Wight Zoo has been made available thanks to the money-saving website The Price is Wight.

Island families and visitors alike can now enjoy all the Zoo has to offer for a 12 month period from as little as £25, saving up to 60% on standard annual passes. The exclusive deal means locals have easier access to the attraction, making visits in the winter time even more attractive and saving a substantial amount on visits during the busier summer period.

The Isle of Wight Zoo boasts one of Britain’s largest collection of tiger’s and a whole range of other big cats such as lions and jaguars. It also specialises in lemurs, monkeys and meerkats.

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The Price is Wight, the Island’s leading money-saving website, has worked with the Isle of Wight Zoo to deliver the best discount possible to visitors, which include:

  • 1 adult and up to 2 Children for just £25.00 (Normally £50.00)
  • 2 adults & 1 Child for just £40.00 (Normally £80.00)
  • 2 adults & up to 3 Children for just £49.45 (Normally £125.00)

The offer has already been scooped up by many Islanders and will remain on sale until Friday.

Either of the offers can be purchased at

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