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wightlinkpickupfaresAfter listening to customers’ comments at Wightlink’s Meet the Managers and Customer Forum consultation meetings earlier in the year, Wightlink has decided to make some changes to its pricing policy.

From today (1st October), vehicles popularly known as pickups or crew cabs longer than five metres will be charged at the same rate as cars longer than five metres on both the Fishbourne-Portsmouth and Yarmouth-Lymington routes. Owners of pickups or crew cabs up to six metres long and less than 2.24 metres in height will also be able to buy Multilink passes at the same rate as longer cars.

Wightlink say pickups and crew cabs are defined as vehicles designed to carry passengers and are built on a car chassis.

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Chief Operating Officer john Burrows has said:

“During our consultation events, several customers raised the issue of the differences in the cost of fares between longer cars and pickups.We have looked into the matter and, in the interests of fairness, we have decided to make the same charge for a crossing for both types of vehicle just as already applies for all vehicles under five metres in length”.

All customers are invited to have their say at Wightlink’s popular consultation events. The Meet the Managers drop-in sessions are held at ports and on board the ferries; several senior managers always attend to listen to customers’ experiences and observations and discuss issues. Customers who would like to talk about services in greater depth are invited to join the Wightlink Customer Forums – there is one for people who travel via Yarmouth and another for people who use the Ryde and Fishbourne routes.

The next Meet the Manager events:

  • West Wight commuters: Wednesday 8th October 2014 on board the 06:25 and 07:50 sailings from Yarmouth
  • Ryde commuters: Wednesday 12th November 2014 at Portsmouth Harbour between 16:30 – 18:30
  • East Wight car ferry customers: Wednesday 17th December 2014 on the 17:00 sailing from Portsmouth Gunwharf and 18:00 from Fishbourne

Anyone interested in joining the East or West Forum should email [email protected].

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