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stmarys400Residents across the Isle of Wight are being urged to share their experience of poor quality care with Healthwatch Isle of Wight to help ensure views are heard and to allow the local Healthwatch to assist in where to start when making a complaint.

Almost 1 in 3 people across England personally experienced or witnessed a relative or friend receiving poor quality care at some point in the last year. Yet two thirds of people didn’t complain about it, according to a new report out today (Tuesday).

Analysing these findings, Healthwatch Isle of Wight believes that at least 520 incidents of poor care across the Island’s GP surgeries and hospital went unreported in the last 12 months. However, the figure could be much higher if more data was available about the number of complaints regarding local social care services, including residential care homes and community care support.

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Patients report that the number one reason they would complain is to prevent others having to suffer, but they say they are being prevented from doing this because the complaints system is too complicated, takes too much effort and they don’t have faith that their feedback will make any difference.

Joanna Smith, Healthwatch Isle of Wight Manager said:

“Complaints as a topic has been highlighted to Healthwatch Isle of Wight through our prioritisation event back in June as a key area of concern for island residents. The recent CQC report for the IW NHS Trust has also identified that current complaints procedures are not managed in a timely fashion. As a result Healthwatch Isle of Wight will be analysing complaints procedures over the coming months.

“We would urge that anyone who has received poor care to come forward and ensure health and care services hear about your experience.

“We also ask for people that have made complaints about their care, to get in contact with us and share your experience of how the complaints system worked for you”.

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To ensure services hear about and learn from complaints, Healthwatch Isle of Wight has been working to address this problem and is today launching a series of online resources to help people make their concerns heard –

Learning from complaints is a vital part of driving improvement across health and social care services.

Anyone who wishes to share their experiences (good or bad) of local health and/or care services with us can do so by ringing 01983 608608 or by emailing [email protected].

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