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wightlinkgunwharfterminal400Support for the ‘Are Wightlink the Rightlink’ Facebook group has grown with over 2,700 members now discussing their experiences, likes and dislikes about the cross-Solent company, with page organisers encouraging more people to join the discussions.

The group was set up by Steven Caudle and John Keyworth less than 2 months ago but has already become an open online forum for Island residents and visitors alike to discuss Wightlink’s pricing policy and all the likes and dislikes of the company, with the group asking ‘are we being ripped off by Wightlink ferries?’.

Tales of poor customer service, lengthy delays, extortionate prices and even leaky fire sprinklers which ran water onto a passenger’s sandwich are being talked about with many dubbing the service ‘Piratelink’.

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The Facebook group can be found here.

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