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bestivalsat4It has been another successful Bestival for Hampshire Constabulary with a provisional estimate of £17,000 worth of drugs having been taken off of the streets.

Analysis of overall crime levels is continuing, but provisional figures so far include the drugs search operation at Bestival’s entrances, which resulted in 295 searches and 106 seizures of suspected illegal drugs worth £17,000.

Overall, Bestival 2013 saw:

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  • 13 arrests on suspicion of possessing drugs with intent to supply.
  • Two reports of physical assaults.
  • One report of indecent touching on a woman aged in her 20s, for which two men from Manchester were charged.
  • No stranger sexual assaults were reported.
  • 45 thefts from people and 144 thefts from tents have been reported so far.

Hampshire Constabulary’s Bestival police operation commander, Superintendent Paul Brooks said:

“There was a friendly, relaxed mood, which is what we’ve come to expect from Bestival each year.

“Levels of crime remained low thanks to the vast majority of people enjoying the event responsibly and the relentless work of organisers, police and all agencies before and throughout the event.

“Police officers and security staff worked well together to identify and target suspects linked to thefts on the campsites.

“Bestival showed the real difference that simple precautions can make to solving crime. People remembering to turn on ‘find my phone’ apps on their mobiles enabled us to track lost or stolen phones and reunite some of them with rightful owners.”

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Anyone with information about property stolen at Bestival can contact Police by phoning 101.

Superintendent Brooks added:

“The commitment and co-operation between Isle of Wight Council and all agencies on the Safety Advisory Group delivered an effective traffic management plan. Our Roads Policing Unit performed a key role in keeping road users safe, informed and on the move by anticipating issues and responding promptly to any issues.”

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