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leahwellreadA former Sandown Bay Academy and Isle of Wight f6rm student has launched an online campaign, The Well Read Squirrel, to encourage students from the Isle of Wight to consider going to University in London.

Leah Domenet, 20, is currently in her second year of University studying BA Public Relations and Advertising at the University of Westminster in London. As a part of her degree she has launched the online The Well Read Squirrel campaign, which is based around a blog and also engages with its audience on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Having made the move from the Isle of Wight to London herself, Leah wants to encourage more students to study in London where there are so many more opportunities. Main positives Leah wishes to highlight to prospective students about the capital are the social and career opportunities. In comparison to what can be offered on the Island, London has more work experience and internships and more to do both in the day and at night.

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Leah chose London because it is where the bulk of the PR industry is, however there is an industry in the capital for almost every career. Additionally it is important to note that the Isle of Wight is easily accessible from London and there are affordable routes for students due to good public transport links.

When speaking about her campaign Leah said:

“The aim of the blog and campaign is to encourage students aged 17-18 from my beloved Isle of Wight to study in London. The red squirrel is iconic on the Island as red squirrels aren’t found on the mainland, so I decided to photograph a stuffed toy red squirrel in everyday situations I find myself in while studying in London and show the fun things you can do and give tips as to how to make the transition over to the big smoke.

“The Well Read Squirrel’s ambition is to inform prospective students of what life in London is really like, and to hopefully provide them with information I wish I knew when I was applying for University. The Well Read Squirrel hopes to get more Island students to join her in London and leave the reader with all questions answered.”

The blog allows Leah to develop her own personal PR skills learnt through her course, and use the knowledge she’s learnt in real life situations to help others.

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Leah explains:

“Speaking from experience many Isle of Wight students do not feel confident or comfortable in leaving to study in such a culturally different and fast-paced city like London. My twin sister and I are both from the island and decided to study at different Universities, when we left for our studies it was the first times in our lives we’d been apart, when I arrived in London I did feel a bit overwhelmed.

“There was so much more I wished I had known before arriving so as to prepare and organise myself. I just didn’t know what to expect, it’s big and exciting, but at first a bit intimidating, and that’s what I wanted to remove from any students considering their options: any feeling that they wouldn’t fit in to city life.”

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