totlandlandslipThe closure of part of the Totland Sea wall, which was severely damaged during a landslip in late 2012, will remain in place for the foreseeable future.

The Secretary of State for Transport has approved a request for the closure to remain in place until July 2015, although depending on options for the future of the wall, this does not necessarily mean it will remain closed until then.

The Isle of Wight Council is currently looking at appointing consultants who will be tasked with drawing up potential options for the wall.

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Jon Gilbey, Isle of Wight Council cabinet member responsible for resources said:

“A significant amount of damage was caused to the wall when the landslip occurred. As people can see from photos taken in the aftermath, this is not something that can be quickly repaired. “Although the closure will now remain in place until July 2015, depending on options that are proposed we hope this is worst case scenario for the closure.

“We would again remind people that the land at the sea wall is still moving and is very dangerous. The closures are there for your safety and you should always observe them.”

Photo: Solent Coastguard

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