With the annual Isle of Wight Music Festival beginning on 22 June, residents are being advised of various changes to roads near to the festival site at Seaclose Park in Newport. 

Due to the number of people attending the festival a one-way restriction is necessary to accommodate a pedestrian only lane on the northbound carriageway of A3054 Fairlee Road. The restriction will be in operation between the entrance to the temporary bus station (at the access to North Fairlee Farm) and the junction with Staplers Road. Traffic in this section of road will only be permitted to travel in the direction towards Newport.

As usual, due to the one-way restriction (which will be in operation from approximately 10am on Thursday 21 June until early afternoon on Monday 25 June) all traffic travelling from Newport to East Cowes and Ryde and from Newport to the festival campsite/main festival car park, will be diverted via Staplers Road, Whiterails Road and Station Road to Wootton traffic lights, A3054 High Street and Lushington Hill (Wootton).

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Residents parking and permits Cross Lane/Halberry Lane estate :

A resident only parking zone will again be in place in the Cross Lane/Halberry Lane estate area and residents have been issued with permits. Any vehicle parked within the above area on-road and not displaying an Isle of Wight Festival Residents parking permit is likely to receive a parking ticket.

Between approximately mid morning on Friday 22 June and early afternoon on Monday 25 June there will be restricted access to all the roads in the Halberry Lane/Cross Lane estate area. However, residents and deliveries will be able to use the roads as normal.

During the period of the restriction, vehicle access for residents and deliveries into all of the roads will only be possible from Fairlee Road (into Halberry Lane), and from Staplers Road (into Cross Lane). Access will not be possible from Fairlee Road (into Victoria Road) and from Staplers Road (into Fairmount Drive and into Mayfield Drive).

Residents only access East Cowes Road, Whippingham:

In addition, between 8am on Thursday 21 June until the afternoon on Monday 25 June, East Cowes Road, Whippingham will be restricted to residents and deliveries from a point around 350 metres from Whippingham Road to the end of the surfaced highway around 675 metres from Whippingham Road.

Footpath Closures:

The footpath from Seaclose Park access road across Seaclose Park to Island Harbour Marina and the cycle track link from Fairlee Road through Medina High School and the Arboretum are both currently closed until Monday 2 July 2012.

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The access road through Seaclose Park from Fairlee Road to Newport Quay and Footpath N120 along Newport Quay from Jubilee Stores to Seaclose Park access Road will both be closed to pedestrians and vehicles from the evening on Wednesday 20 June until the morning of Monday 25 June 2012.

Footpath N120 along Newport Quay from Sea Street to Jubilee Stores will be closed to pedestrians and vehicles from the early evening on Friday 22 June until the morning on Monday 25 June 2012.

Seaclose Park Closure:

To ensure the health and safety of the public during the staging of the festival at Seaclose Park, sections of the park are closed as follow:

• Skate park and tennis courts closed from Monday 11 June until Monday 2 July

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• The recreation ground on both sides of the access road will be closed between Monday 11 June and Monday 2 July.

• Access to the planning offices is closed between Thursday 21 June and Monday 25 June. The planning service is available during the festival and is contactable on 821000.

• Seaclose Park play area will be closed between Thursday 21 June and Tuesday 26 June.

• The Arboretum, including footpaths and cycle ways, is closed between Monday 11 June and Friday 29 June.

Speed Limits and No Waiting Restrictions Racecourse, Fairlee Road:

For safety reasons and to minimise congestion, there will be a temporary 30mph speed limit and a 24 hour Highway Clearway Order (where no stopping/parking will be permitted on the road, in any lay-bys on the footway or verge). The restrictions are on the Racecourse/Fairlee Road between Racecourse roundabout and the junction with Staplers Road and in Whippingham Road near to East Cowes Road junction (the event entrance for vehicles) to the Racecourse roundabout at the above times from mid-morning on Tuesday 19 June until the afternoon of Monday 25 June 2012.

Temporary late night road closures Racecourse and Fairlee Road:

The A3054 Racecourse and Fairlee Road will be closed to vehicle traffic in both directions between the Racecourse roundabout and Staplers Road after the event finishes each night.

The road closure will be in operation from approximately:

• Friday 22 June from 11.30pm to 1.15am

• Saturday 23 June from 11.30pm to 1.15am

• Sunday 24 June from 10.30pm to 12.15am

Vehicle access along Fairlee Road from the entrance to the temporary bus station (at the access to North Fairlee Farm) to the junction of Staplers Road (including for residents living along this section of road) will not be possible, except in an emergency, during each road closure. Access to Island Harbour and Fairlee Road premises from Mill Lane up to the temporary bus station (the access to North Fairlee Farm) will however be possible during these times.

Quay Street/Sea Street:

Quay Street will be closed from the High Street to the junction with Sea Street between 5pm on Friday 22 June and the early hours on Monday 25 June 2012 to accommodate the main Isle of Wight Festival Taxi rank. Responding to residents concerns from previous years, staff will be in place to monitor taxi operations.

Permit holders who normally park in Quay Street will be allowed to park in County Hall, Sea Street and Little London car parks during this period at no extra charge.

Access for Quay Street residents and businesses for loading and unloading will be permitted from 7ams until 5.30pm on each day. All vehicles will need to access and exit from the High Street direction whilst the restriction is in operation.

Sea Street will be closed to traffic between Holyrood Street and Quay Street with access to Sea Street premises and businesses maintained only to and from the Holyrood Street direction, due to the Isle of Wight Festival taxi rank in Quay Street

From 6pm on each evening during the festival (or earlier if all road parking is full), in the interests of road safety, vehicle access to Sea Street and Quay Street will not be possible except in urgent and emergency situations.

Vehicles will be permitted to leave Sea Street and County Hall car parks after the event on each night when safe to do so. Sea Street will remain closed for up to an hour after the end of the event due to the number of pedestrians leaving the event across The Quay into Sea Street and Quay Street.

East Cowes/Whippingham area:

The day after the festival closes, plans will be in place to help keep traffic moving and reduce congestion in the East Cowes and Whippingham areas. Beatrice Avenue will become a one-way system for the day.

Ferry and local traffic will be filtered and will continue to head into East Cowes via York Avenue. Light traffic for the ferry will be diverted into Beatrice Avenue by Priory School (formerly Whippingham Primary). Red Funnel staff will then filter traffic near to Saunders Way. Any vehicles arriving too early for their ferry may be diverted away from the terminal with priority given to those with bookings.

Drivers are advised that there will be a waiting time in the Beatrice Avenue marshalling area, although this should be no more than 30 minutes.

Medina Leisure Centre:

All facilities will be closed to the public at 1.30pm on Thursday 21 June until Sunday 24 June inclusive. On Monday 25 June the leisure centre will re-oen under normal hours.


The Isle of Wight Council’s registrar service will temporarily move to County Hall in Newport between Monday 18 June and Friday 29 June.

Cowes Floating Bridge:

The Cowes floating bridge service will be extended until 1am each day between June 22 – 24.

Household Waste Collections:

Collection days are not affected by the festival, the collection will be made on your normal collection day.

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