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recycling400A successful scheme, where residents who use clear recycling sacks ring up the council to request more and then pick them up at a set location, is being expanded to replace annual deliveries. 

Thousands of households across the Island which are unsuitable for green recycling bins – such as flats or up a flight of steps – are allocated clear recycling sacks instead. Homeowners who have physical difficulties using green recycling bins may also be given clear sacks instead.

In November 2013, the council brought in a system where households that were low on sacks contacted the council to obtain a unique reference number. They then go to their local library or leisure centre and pick up their supply of new sacks after quoting the number.  This system will now replace the annual delivery of sacks to all eligible households, meaning whenever residents are getting low, they should contact the council to request more and then pick them up from their nearest council-run library or leisure centre. This allows households to only use the number of sacks they require.

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Residents eligible for recycling bags can obtain a new supply by contacting the council on 01983 823777. They will then be provided with a unique reference number to quote when collecting the bags.

The original scheme saw six-month supplies of sacks delivered to eligible households across the Island every January. However, depending on the size of households, some people either had more than they needed or quickly ran out.

Sue Dasent, Isle of Wight Council manager for procurement and contract management, said:

“The system allowing residents to pick up more recycling sacks on demand has proved very successful. Providing the bags on an ad-hoc basis ensures unused bags will not be wasted, while there will always be a supply for those in larger households who will need more during the year.

“We will continue to deliver sacks to residents where they are physically unable to use the revised service.”

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A further change for 2015 will no longer see waste collection calendars delivered to households. Instead, these will continue to be available on the council’s website at and then clicking on ‘waste collection day’. The new calendars for 2015 will be available online from 15th December.

Sue Dasent added:

“It has been nearly three years since the alternate week collection service was introduced and residents have become used to which week household waste is collected and which is recycling week.

“The weekly changes for 2015 will mirror those of 2014, so residents will not see a difference in what waste is collected on alternate weeks.”

There will be some changes to collections over Christmas and the New Year. Details will be provided in due course.

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