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philthebagicerinkThey say one person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure – this is certainly true for The Solent Hawks Ice Hockey Team who have just signed up to the ‘Phil’ the Bag Clothes Recycling Scheme that will turn old and unwanted clothing  into much needed funds for the organisation.

The Solent Hawks, which has been created to give people a chance to experience the  fast and exciting sport of ice hockey, is running their fundraising recycling campaign in partnership with experts at ‘Phil’ the Bag, who will give the Hawks up to £600 for every tonne of clothing collected. As they pay by the kilo, every item counts, so our fundraising potential is tremendous!

James Eklund, Team manager of the Solent Hawks said:

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“Fundraising traditionally calls for donations of money, but not this time! Instead, we want items usually placed in the bin.”

“In this climate of fast-fashion, people are replacing their clothes more frequently than ever.  The old ones usually end up binned, or are left in the back of a wardrobe, gathering dust.”

Ryan Smith-Matthews, Team Captain  of The Hawks said:

“Despite a number of local textile banks and charity shops that welcome donations of used clothing,  many people still bin their old unwanted clothing– why not donate them instead? You’ll be helping us raise money so we can reach out to a wider audience and let more people experience ice hockey, plus you’ll be helping the environment at the same time.”

When old clothes are binned they end up in landfill sites. Textiles make up 12% of landfill. By recycling them, you can help to protect the environment.

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To participate in this eco-friendly fundraiser, simply drop off your unwanted clothing in any type of bag at Planet Ice Arena, Quay Road, Ryde, Isle of Wight PO33 2HH on/before 24th September 2013. 

To find out more about ‘Phil’ the Bag visit or call 01795 424404

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