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clockspushthebuttonfiresafetyThe Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service is asking all homeowners to remember when they put their clocks back this month, to take time to check their smoke alarms.

Clocks go back an hour on Sunday (27th October) and residents are encouraged to take just a few minutes at the same time to test their alarm to check they are working properly.

Nationally, 80 per cent of the population own smoke alarms, but statistics show that for one in every eight house fires attended by fire and rescue services, the smoke alarm failed to work largely due to flat or missing batteries.

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Trevor Moyce, the fire and rescue service community prevention and protection manager, said:

“Most fires start at night and the real killer is smoke. If you are asleep and you do not have a smoke alarm to wake you up, your chances of survival are virtually zero.

“If you have smoke alarms, check the batteries once a week or consider buying a ten-year alarm, otherwise change the batteries every year. Remember, ‘push the button, not your luck”.

“Smoke alarms cost as little as £5 each, but the cost should not matter because you cannot put a cost on someone’s life.”

The Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service offers local residents free home fire safety checks, prioritising those who are more vulnerable. These checks provide advice to residents on general fire safety awareness, smoke alarms and escape routes.

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Click on the following link to apply for a free home fire safety check:

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