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davidpugh400David Pugh, the former Conservative Councillor who lost the party control of the Isle of Wight Council last year, has been described as running a “sad, vindictive and bitter” campaign against the Island’s MP, Andrew Turner.

Speaking in response to public comments made by Mr Pugh – in which he alleges Mr Turner has previously improperly designated the five-bedroom island home as his “second home” – Councillor Chris Whitehouse, Conservative for Newport West, has issued a personal statement saying:

“You can challenge many things about Andrew, you can dispute his politics, you can disagree with his voting – goodness knows he and I sometimes have the most heated debates – but you cannot know Andrew and seriously believe that he is anything other than honest, straightforward and caring.

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“Andrew Turner’s expenses were thoroughly audited by the authorities in 2009. This is raking of historic muck for no purpose, and on this occasion, the muck is sticking to David Pugh, not Andrew Turner. What a sad, vindictive campaign this bitter young man is running. It is a very nasty attempt by Pugh and his cabal to tarnish the reputation of the Island MP who is well-liked and respected for his honesty and his integrity.

“Ever since the video of David Pugh was recorded in a car park late at night launching an ugly, drunken, foul mouthed tirade against the MP’s partner went viral on You Tube (or Pugh Tube as it became known), he has lost no opportunity to attack Andrew Turner and undermine his reputation in revenge.

“He’s like the spoiled brat playing with a train set who when told it’s somebody else’s turn deliberately tries to smash it up!”

Commenting on news that both UKIP and Labour candidates for the coming General Election had backed Pugh’s campaign, Cllr Whitehouse added:

“UKIP and Labour? What a mistake they’ve made. By jumping into bed with Pugh they’ve tied an electoral millstone around their own necks. David Pugh’s political reputation is toxic on the Island, and Andrew must be delighted that UKIP and Labour have now made it clear that they have sympathies with Pugh. They’ll not live that down in a hurry!

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“Andrew will be the Conservative candidate in the coming General Election. What’s more, he will win it, and the more David Pugh attacks him the more certain that victory becomes. It’s time, frankly, David Pugh grew up and got a life. He’s history, and toxic history at that.”

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