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floatingbridgeprotest400VIDEO: Local residents, businesses and commuters have this afternoon (Tuesday) protested against proposed plans to introduce a charge for pedestrians using the Cowes Floating Bridge – a service that is currently free for those on foot.

Back in February, the Isle of Wight Council announced it was looking at introducing a pedestrian fee of 50p each way as well as increasing the price for vehicles using the vital link between East and West Cowes. The plans have been met with opposition from those living in the area and those who use the service throughout the year.

floatingbridgeprotest3Gathering on the east side of the River Medina, protesters have made a stand against the proposals and have been encouraging more Islanders to join the ongoing battle, with fears such a charge could adversely affect both towns.

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Over 100 people turned up for the rally with the majority traveling across on the floating bridge to the Cowes side and back again, exercising their ability to travel free of charge at present.

Campaigner Marcie Hansen spoke to Island Echo this afternoon and explained why crowds had gathered at Ferry Road.

Attention was drawn to the campaign following a protest outside County Hall two weeks ago, with today’s protest hoping to bring even greater attention to the worries of residents and businesses in both towns.

You can have your say by visiting the Council’s survey here.

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