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marshcombeshutebarriersA one-way system has been put in place on the outskirts of Brading this week after it was identified that there was a risk of a car reaching a live railway line in the event of a road traffic incident.

As part of Island Roads’ work to bring safety barriers up to standard across the network, the PFI company have undertaken risk assessments of sites across the Island, including at Marshcombe Shute, Yarbridge.

It has been confirmed to Island Echo that a small section of barrier on the western side of the bridge is due to be replaced as part of the improvement works, which will be carried out before the end of September. However, the risk assessment has identified that there is no vehicle restraint on the eastern side of the bridge and because of this, an errant vehicle could potentially reach the live railway line.

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As a temporary safety measure, water filled barriers have been placed on the approach to the bridge and the road has been made one way towards Bembridge.

The installation of a restraint system will be undertaken when the necessary consents have been secured, however no time frame on this has been given.

Motorists travelling from Bembridge now have to divert via Yaverland, Avenue Road in Sandown and Morton Common, Brading.

Access to The Yarbridge pub is maintained.

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