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246ee2b6-16ae-4824-b8b3-c2d29a44ad46No injuries or destruction have been reported after fears were raised of a landslide in Luccombe last night (Thursday).

HM Coastguard mobilised 2 Coastguard Rescue Teams to Shanklin following reports of a potential large cliff fall in the Luccombe area, as first reported by Island Echo.

A local resident reported that they had heard 2 loud noises – described as being like thunderclaps – followed by the sound of falling rock.

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As darkness had already descended, Coastguards were unable to ascertain whether or not a landslide had occurred.

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Island Echo deployed 1 of its 2 drones at first light to examine the area for any signs of a fresh landslide.

Photographs reveal no obvious signs of major movement, but the area remains unstable with several landslips noticeable – all thought to be existing features.

These new photographs reveal that as well as the damage caused to properties at nearby Bonchurch – and further down the coast at St Lawrence – another house has been badly damaged by land movement.

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The Isle of Wight Council has confirmed its Rights of Way team has inspected the area this morning and can’t find any evidence of a recent cliff fall.

Luccombe is adjacent to Bonchurch where 40 acres of land fell away on 10th December last year – described as the largest landslide recorded in Southern England.

The Isle of Wight coast is extremely vulnerable following one of the wettest winters on record. It takes around 10-12 weeks for water to seep through the land, meaning there could be movement for some time to come.


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