satish_kumarhamptontrustThe Hampton Trust Ecotherapy Centre based in Shide, on the outskirts of Newport, is delighted to announce that the ecology activist and editor of Resurgence magazine, Satish Kumar, has become its new Patron.

Satish, a former Jain monk, has been setting the Global agenda for change for over 50 years and is dedicated in promoting a peaceful, measured way of sustainable living.  He believes that nature is the greatest teacher.

The Hampton Trust Ecotherapy Centre has been developed by a former island nurse and midwife Dr Kim Brown.

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The centre has worked with over 400 young people during the past year to encourage the development of social skills through involvement in nature.  Due to a generous grant from the Island Public Health department the Trust has recently extended their workshops to any adult who feels they may benefit from getting outside and connecting with the natural world.

Participants in the programme gain several different awards and volunteers who want to get involved are always welcome.  Workshops include monitoring red squirrels, bat detecting, shepherding, foraging, falconry and insect identification.  Participants are also encouraged to undertake a community project such as making a hedgehog house to sit in a community space.

Satish was delighted to accept the offer of patronage because he believes in educating hearts, minds and hands.

He feels that is exactly what the island Ecotherapy Centre is aiming to do.

For more information about The Hampton Trust Ecotherapy Centre please visit or email [email protected] or [email protected]

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