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nhsdirectortaborJust like any great team Isle of Wight NHS Trust needs to add new talent in order to reach its ambitious  goals for a world class  responsive and integrated health care system for all our Islands residents and visitors.  The current leadership team  identified the need for  experience from the business world and has found outstanding talent from three of the world’s top companies –  Intel Corp, IBM and Eli Lilly.

The new designate Directors will assist the existing team as the Trust continues to the pursuit of excellence which will lead to Foundation Trust status which will provide more local community input on services, greater financial flexibility to procure world class care and treatment and the freedom to address the needs of the Islanders.   The new directors join over 3,700 people who have signed up as Members to help the Trust towards this goal.

Welcoming the appointments Trust Chairman, Danny Fisher, said:

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“As we look to develop and innovate to ensure that where appropriate as many services as possible are provided by Isle of Wight NHS Trust on the Island we need to ensure that the Trust Board has the right mix of skills.   In discussions with the NHS Trust Development Authority we identified the need for more business, commercial and marketing skills.   Our three new designate Non-Executive Directors bring a great deal of experience from the pharmaceutical and information technology sectors which we were unable to secure from Island based candidates.  Two also have previous Board level experience of the NHS.  There will be significant change in the NHS both nationally and locally over the next 10 years and our new designate Non-Executive Directors are ideally placed to support us as we move towards becoming an NHS Foundation Trust.”

The three new appointments are Jessamy Baird from Whitchurch, Hampshire; David King from Marlborough, Wiltshire and Jane Tabor of Winchester, Hampshire.   The new players bring a wealth of expertise to the Board complementing the skills of the current Directors.


Like many other NHS Trusts the Isle of Wight asked the NHS Trust Development Authority to identify Designate Non Executive Directors for the board in preparation for becoming an NHS Foundation Trust.  These individuals provide additional advice and support for the board during the application process, with the expectation that the number of Non-executive Directors on the board will increase when the organisation becomes an NHS Foundation Trust.

Designate Non-executive Directors identified through the NHS Trust Development Authority are appointed by the NHS Trust board.    The successful candidates will be invited to attend all board meetings, and participate in a consultancy capacity, advising the board but not able to vote. They may also be identified as part of the board’s succession planning for the non-executive team and will be considered for appointment to the Trust board if a Non Executive Director vacancy arises.

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