The 2017 Isle of Wight Local Elections are underway following what has been a turbulent time for politics on the Island, including a change of administration at County Hall back in January.

Follow our updates below during polling day and join us LIVE at the count from 22:00 as we bring you the all important results throughout the night. You can find out who is standing in your area below – this is also where you will be able to find the results from around midnight on Thursday/Friday.

TOWN/PARISH ELECTION RESULTS – The results for the town and parish council elections can be found at https://www.iwight.com/azservices/documents/1174-Declaration-of-results-Parish-v1.pdf.

Final Election Results

Arreton and Newchurch

Name Party Votes Elected?
Clare Louise Mosdell Conservative 733 Yes
Ali Hayden Independent 222
Iain Ross MacLennan Labour 169
Joshua Stuart Frederick Pointing Green 119
Sandy Belfitt Liberal Democrat 58

Binstead and Fishbourne

Name Party Votes Elected?
John Clive Kilpatrick Conservative 390 Yes
Ivor George Warlow Independent 388
Jacqueline Eleanor Cook Green 152
John Glazebrook Labour 88
Christopher Cory Liberal Democrat 62
Linda Pauline Pitcher UKIP 32

Brading, St Helens and Bembridge

Name Party Votes Elected?
Brian George Tyndall Conservative 1194 Yes
Michael Anthony Murwill Conservative 1115 Yes
Jonathan Francis Bacon Independent 996
Gordon Kendall Independent 870
Roger Bartrum Jnr Green 351
John Henry Graney Liberal Democrat 271
Hugh Thomas Street Labour 251


Name Party Votes Elected?
John Vere Hobart Conservative 595 Yes
Imogen Thea May Green 339
Liam Norman Peter Verstraeten Independent 97

Central Wight

Name Party Votes Elected?
Bob Seely Conservative 1026 Yes
Andrew Michael Langan Green 258
Jane Alison McKean Labour 81

Chale, Niton and Whitwell

Name Party Votes Elected?
David Kevin Stewart Conservative 791 Yes
Claire Leah Critchison Green 313
Wendy Christine Loader Labour 80

Cowes Medina

Name Party Votes Elected?
Lora Peacey Wilcox Independent 528 Yes
Neil Oliver Green 167
David Kenneth Walters Conservative 128
Ben Haldenby Labour 95

Cowes North

Name Party Votes Elected?
Paul Michael Bertie Conservative 389 Yes
Jean Margaret Bartrum Green 246
Anni Adams Liberal Democrat 227
Rose Lynden-Bell UKIP 47

Cowes South and Northwood

Name Party Votes Elected?
John Ulysses Anthony Nicholson Conservative 658 Yes
Laurie Tennant Green 257
Will Bossman Labour 238

Cowes West and Gurnard

Name Party Votes Elected?
Paul Andrew Fuller Independent 1145 Yes
Christopher Elliott Preston Conservative 293
Cheryl Elizabeth Audrey Lovelace Labour 75

East Cowes

Name Party Votes Elected?
Karl Love Independent 620 Yes
Luisa Francesca Hillard Independent 336
Michael John Collis Conservative 199
Bob Packham Liberal Democrat 154

Freshwater North

Name Party Votes Elected?
George William Cameron Conservative 453 Yes
Daniel Howard James Green 361

Freshwater South

Name Party Votes Elected?
John Cedric Medland Other / Unknown 520 Yes
Gareth David Wyre Conservative 291
Nick Stuart Liberal Democrat 93
Matthew Timothy Peter Wolfe Labour 73
Terry Steven Brennan UKIP 59

Godshill and Wroxall

Name Party Votes Elected?
Rodney David Downer Independent 1006 Yes
Ewan Smith-Wainwright Conservative 127
Patch Barry Green 85

Havenstreet, Ashey and Haylands

Name Party Votes Elected?
Vanessa Claire Churchman Conservative 338 Yes
Sandy Stephens Independent 197
David Walter Charlton Logan Green 173
Malcolm Ross Liberal Democrat 113
Sue Lyons Labour 100

Lake North

Name Party Votes Elected?
Tig Anthony Outlaw Conservative 462 Yes
Bob Blezzard Liberal Democrat 266
Deborah Gardiner Labour 222
Gerry White UKIP 119

Lake South

Name Party Votes Elected?
Paul James Brading Conservative 549 Yes
Stewart Blackmore Labour 183
John Fleming Other / Unknown 172
Adrian Charles Robert Victor Whittaker Independent 159
Chani-May Courtney Liberal Democrat 53

Nettlestone and Seaview

Name Party Votes Elected?
Reg Barry Liberal Democrat 613 Yes
Michael Joseph Ward Conservative 461
Mark Julian Gibbs Other / Unknown 120
Mark Michael Gaskin Green 37
Mark Rees Labour 35

Newport Central

Name Party Votes Elected?
Julie Jones-Evans Other / Unknown 488 Yes
Steve Hastings Conservative 192
Robin Andrew Price Labour 139

Newport East

Name Party Votes Elected?
Geoff Lumley Labour 587 Yes
Bev Hastings Conservative 181
Rod Mosnicka UKIP 56

Newport North

Name Party Votes Elected?
Matthew Price Conservative 548 Yes
Rebecca Ann Blachford Green 167
Mary Megan Craven Labour 164

Newport South

Name Party Votes Elected?
Shirley Amy Smart Independent 435 Yes
Rachel Brown Conservative 431

Newport West

Name Party Votes Elected?
Chris Whitehouse Conservative 350 Yes
Jaimie Elisabeth Louise Bundell Green 180
Peter John Whiteman Independent 166
Wendy Anne Cook Independent 90
Laraine Kathleen Pascoe Labour 53
Wendy Diane Moth Liberal Democrat 31


Name Party Votes Elected?
Andrew Charles William Garratt Liberal Democrat 404 Yes
Richard Edmunds Hollis Conservative 272
Simon Peter Haytack Labour 78

Ryde East

Name Party Votes Elected?
Michael Lilley Green 589 Yes
Mary Louisa Collis Conservative 282
Roger Clifford Whitby-Smith Independent 202
Lawrence John Peter Fontana Liberal Democrat 37

Ryde North East

Name Party Votes Elected?
Wayne Charles Whittle Conservative 472 Yes
Nancy Rowina Patricia Farrell Green 270
Zarah Irene Groves Labour 172

Ryde North West

Name Party Votes Elected?
Adrian William Axford Conservative 444 Yes
Phil Jordan Other / Unknown 178
Julian Mark Donald Critchley Labour 154
Ewald Widiner Green 138
Stephen Michael Courtney Liberal Democrat 64

Ryde South

Name Party Votes Elected?
Charles Chapman Conservative 279 Yes
Mick Lyons Labour 262
Karen Lucioni Other / Unknown 241

Ryde West

Name Party Votes Elected?
Ian Rodney Stephens Other / Unknown 274 Yes
Conrad Martin Gauntlett Conservative 210
Jim Moody Labour 174
Alex Pointing Green 135
Janet Mary Beckett Liberal Democrat 130

Sandown North

Name Party Votes Elected?
Debbie Andre Independent 382 Yes
Rajesh Patel Conservative 255
Ronald Clifford Anderson Labour 138
Kevin Arlette UKIP 88

Sandown South

Name Party Votes Elected?
Ian David Ward Conservative 569 Yes
Eric James Lawson Green 392

Shanklin Central

Name Party Votes Elected?
Michael Thomas Frank Beston Conservative 457 Yes
Jon Gilbey Other / Unknown 451
Robert Peter May Green 146
Elizabeth Ellen Evans Labour 85

Shanklin South

Name Party Votes Elected?
Chris Quirk Conservative 481 Yes
Richard Priest Other / Unknown 426
Andrew Joseph Green Independent 106
Lorraine Janesse Briar Green 70
Doreen Pamela Armstrong Labour 54
Sonja Yvonne Ward UKIP 53
Nick Belfitt Liberal Democrat 42


Name Party Votes Elected?
John Frederick Howe Independent 467 Yes
Carol Lita Bryan Conservative 428
Iain Paton McKie Independent 120

Ventnor East

Name Party Votes Elected?
Graham James Mark Perks Conservative 450 Yes
Jonathan Gordon Christian Marks Green 184
Ed Gouge Labour 150
Billy Hill Independent 80
Stephen Gibbons-Roscoe UKIP 32

Ventnor West

Name Party Votes Elected?
Gary John Peace Conservative 455 Yes
Stephen John James Cockett Green 282
Harry Rees Independent 110
Steve Cooper Labour 94
Richard John Curtis

West Wight

Name Party Votes Elected?
Stuart John Hutchinson Conservative 687 Yes
Petar Miroslavov Marinov Green 186
Mary Gouge Labour 103

Whippingham and Osborne

Name Party Votes Elected?
Julia Helen Baker-Smith Independent 692 Yes
Simon Francis George Walker Conservative 313
Lorna Trollope Labour 146
Patricia Margaret Packham Liberal Democrat 62

Wootton Bridge

Name Party Votes Elected?
Barry Edwin Abraham Conservative 429 Yes
Daryll Pitcher UKIP 318
Becky Roncoroni Independent 224
Sue Cory Liberal Democrat 95
William David Thomas Chase Labour 65


Isle of Wight Council Controlling party
Number of seats available
Total Conservative seats
Total Green seats
Total Independent seats
Total number of candidates:
Highest turnout: Nettlestone & Seaview
Total Lib Dem seats
Total Island Independent seats
Total Labour seats

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