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islandroadsvanStreets in Cowes are some of the first to receive new energy-saving, carbon efficient LED lighting.

Work to replace street lights across the Island has begun, with a number of streets in Cowes being the first to be fitted with this energy-saving lighting solution.

The current street lighting across the Island is in variable condition and many columns and lights need to be replaced. As part of the highway service, Island Roads are installing new lights and columns to improve the look and feel of our roads and pavements and to improve safety where it is most needed to help reduce traffic accidents, crime and the fear of crime for all.

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Paul Herbert, Island Roads Service Director, said, “Lighting is one of the greatest consumers of energy, Island Roads will be replacing all streetlights over the next three years converting to LED (Light Emitting Diodes) lamps. Due to the efficient nature of LED, this new lighting will be more reliable and once installed they will result in less lights out of service and will also support the Eco Island Vision.”

As the new streetlights are installed they automatically connect to our central management system.  They will be illuminated for the first 24 hours, until this system has been configured and will then return to normal operating mode. Longer term benefits of this system mean that the lighting will be able to be controlled – dimming and enhancing our streets and public spaces in accordance with the IWC requirements.

Heritage lights may also be replaced with new heritage style columns and lanterns of sympathetic appearance so residents will not see a change to the look of the street light itself.  However, the replacement lanterns will also contain a modern LED light source to continue to support this carbon efficient program of improvements.

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