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bumper bestival 2013 - 82aHovertravel has confirmed that bookings for Bestival are very positive, with an extra 26 services already scheduled to run on Thursday.

Loretta Lale, marketing manager at Hovertravel, explains:

“We have already added an extra 37% capacity and bookings are still being made, so it is looking like being a bumper Bestival for Hovertravel. The promise of good weather over the next couple of days and the range of artists performing have combined to make this one of the most popular festivals of 2013.  And obviously as the fastest ferry, Hovertravel continues to attract festival goers who want to get to the event quickly.”

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Hovertravel will also have their proven priority boarding system which fast-tracks commuters and regular Island customers on to the hovercraft, essentially allowing these customers to automatically jump to the front of any queue. This system also allows NHS patients travelling to use the priority boarding system.

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