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hovertravelshopDue to demand from customers both at home and around the world, Hovertravel has now launched an online shop that allows people to buy Hovertravel branded souvenirs.

From cuddly toys, beach balls, mugs, umbrellas and books, Hovertravel fans can now order online and get it in time for Christmas.

Until this week, only passengers or visitors to the two hover terminals at Ryde and Southsea have able to buy souvenirs, but now anyone can shop online at and get their purchases delivered to their door within seven days.

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Julie Horrocks, Sales Development Manager at Hovertravel, explains:

“With over 40 unique items available on our website, we are sure that there is something for everyone from the hovercraft enthusiast to someone looking for a different stocking filler.  Plus when people are purchasing tickets online they can also add souvenirs to their basket.”

To see what Hovertravel has on offer, visit

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