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railagenthovertravelHovertravel has recently become rail agents to make travelling off the island as simple as possible for their customers.

As of now, customers travelling to any location off the Island can buy all of the necessary tickets to get them to their final destination from Hovertravel. This includes both travel tickets for the hovercraft and train.  The service is available across all 5,900 train stations throughout the UK.

The customer just needs to tell Hovertravel the destination they would like to visit, and with that information Hovertravel will give them all the relevant travel tickets to get them to their destination in the most convenient route possible.

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The benefits of this new scheme, allows customers to save time from not having to plan a route for their journey and also prevents them from having to queue for tickets at numerous points throughout their travel.

As part of the official rail ticketing system, Hovertravel will be able to offer customers the best possible deals.

Loretta Lale, Head of Marketing and Commercial at Hovertravel said:

“All of our staff have been trained to be able to provide advice on complex multi-destination journeys, as well as simple point to point trips.”

Hovertravel also offer coach travel in partnership with National Express.

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