giddingsnhsIsle of Wight Festival organiser John Giddings showed his support for Isle of Wight NHS Trust at the Festival this weekend when he signed up as a member of the Trust.  

During a visit to the Festival medical centre, run by Isle of Wight NHS Trust, Mr Giddings said:

“I’m pleased to sign up as a Member because the NHS has been a great supporter of the Festival ever since we restarted it in 2002.    The NHS Festival team do a great job looking after anyone who needs medical or pharmacy services.   This helps Festival goers to have a great time and protects Island health services from an influx of patients.”

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During his visit, Giddings also met a range of staff including paramedics, nurses, a pharmacist and a radiographer.

Foundation Trust Programme Director and Company Secretary at  Isle of Wight NHS Trust, Mark Price, said:

“This is the 12th year we have provided health services at the Festival and John is a great supporter of the Island.   Everyone attending the Festival, whether they live on the Island or not is a potential user of our Island health services and therefore eligible to be members of the Trust.   Indeed around 1,000 people admitted to St. Mary’s Hospital each year are from the mainland and many more receive help from our emergency services.    Membership is important because it gives patients, members of the public and communities a real say in how their local health service is run.   We’re pleased to welcome John as a Member.”

Mr Giddings has joined 1,700 other people who have signed up as members.  In 2014 the Trust’s Members will elect a Council of Governors to represent them.   Further information about membership can be found at   You can sign up online or request a membership form by e-mailing [email protected] or by telephoning 01983-822099 ext 5703.

The majority of services provided by Isle of Wight NHS Trust commissioned and funded by Isle of Wight Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG); other services are commissioned and funded by NHS England.

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