Stainless_MPThe Island’s MP, Andrew Turner, was recently invited to visit Newport based Stainless Games Newport, to learn what this high tech business has achieved in the global marketplace.

Started on the Island in the 1990’s by co-founders Neil Barnden and Patrick Buckland, Stainless Games now employs in the region of 80 people with plans for further expansion.  They are currently working on exciting new technology to upgrade the Carmageddon game originally released in 1997.  The company has recently reached the final of the Develop Awards, which highlights the best in video games. Mr Turner was shown around Stainless Games, in Newport High Street, by Chief Operating Officer, Matt Edmunds.

Stainless Games is a member of the Island Technology Group which was started by Mr Turner last year to help electronic and high end engineering companies work together for their mutual benefit.

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Mr Edmunds said:

“I was pleased Mr Turner took the time to visit us, and was glad he took on board the various challenges that Island and UK-based high-tech companies face in the global market. I look forward to working with Mr Turner and the Island Technology Group in order to continue growing this sector of the Island economy.”

Mr Turner commented:

“I try and visit as many Island companies as possible and I am pleased to see how much innovative technology takes place here.  Although they now have around 80 employees now – many people don’t even realise that they are based on Newport High Street.

“The computer games industry is not something I am familiar with but I know it is a very popular pastime and, I’m sure, very competitive.   The popular ‘Carmageddon’ game was rated number one worldwide when it was first produced.  It was demonstrated to me and I was amazed to see the level of technology that goes into producing a video game.  It often takes 30 people over a year to develop a new game.”

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The company produces many popular games in 10 different languages for PCs, Xbox and Playstation as well as mobile phones and the iPad.  Magic 2013 their third and current version of this popular game, like the previous two, made it to number one in the games charts.  A new version is soon to be released.

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