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rydecanoelakeoutfallpipe400The Isle of Wight Council has begun work on a scheme designed to reduce the risk of Ryde Canoe Lake overflowing in the future, protecting nearby properties and businesses and the wildlife on the lake.

A new automated pumping system is being installed which is designed to pump out water via the existing overflow pipe when it reaches a high level, protecting the nearby Waterside Pool, children’s paddling pool and footpaths from flooding.

rydecanoelakefireservicelargeRecently, when the canoe lake is at risk of overflowing, manual pumps have been hired in to protect surrounding premises but at a significant cost. The Fire Service have also assisted in pumping out the Canoe Lake in previous years.

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The current works, carried out by K Coghlan, will also clean the overflow pipe and remove any debris making it more effective.

Councillor Phil Jordan, Executive member for public protection, said:

“Ryde Canoe Lake is an important part of the surface water drainage system in Ryde but does have a history of flooding during extended periods of adverse weather. It is important we take steps to prevent this happening further and protect the local area and premises from the risk of flooding.

“The overflow pipe also needs some essential maintenance to ensure it is fully working.

“Once installed, the system will measure the water level and detect when it needs lowering. The pump will then activate, reducing the water level. This will save considerable resources which can be used elsewhere.”

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rydecanoelakeWork to install the new automated system is underway and should be completed by the end of October.

North Walk is closed to through traffic while the works continue, however traffic is permitted to travel in both directions to as far as The Big Kahuna. Both the former Whimpy store and The Captains Table, next to Waterside Pool, remain open as usual.

Pedestrian access is open via the path that runs alongside the canoe lake.

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