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dualcarriageway400Work to repair a damaged section of crash barrier on Newport’s Medina Way is well underway alongside a series of other improvements.

During the inspection of the damaged section, other areas of the dual carriageway were identified as requiring work that would need to be carried out in the near future in order to meet safety requirements.

To minimise disruption on what is an extremely busy section of the network, Island Roads have decided to do all this work – and also replace the street lights – during a single period.

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The improvement and repair work has started and is expected to last approximately a further two weeks, according to the PFI company.

Due to the busy nature of the dual carriageway and to avoid disruption, the required work will, in the main, be undertaken at night and will require only a single lane closure allowing both the northbound and southbound carriageways to remain open.

The temporary speed restriction of 40mph currently imposed will be lifted once the work has been completed.

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