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countyhallThe Isle of Wight Council has launched a consultation into options for a possible change in its decision-making structure and process.

The consultation – launched this week on the council’s website – will run until 31 October, and will look at three options, including the existing Cabinet-based structure of decision-making.

The six-week consultation will also seek the views of town and parish councils and, following analysis of the feedback, the options will be discussed by the Full Council in November with a view to implementation of the preferred choice from March 2014.

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The consultation exercise was approved by a meeting of the Full Council this week and follows the development of options by the council’s Constitution Review Working Party.

The working party was set up to consider proposed changes to councillor-level decisions so they could be more open and transparent, and allow for all members to have an input into policy development.

The three options are:

– the current system, with the council’s Cabinet taking decisions on most budget and policy matters;
– a committee-based system, with individual committees making decisions relating to their own areas;
– an executive-with-committees system, a hybrid arrangement with an executive supported by executive advisory committees.

The options are explained in detail on the consultation website on To take part in the consultation, please visit the website at:

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